Gordon Ramsay Berates Toddlers on James Corden's 'Master Chef Junior Junior'

As we approach a future in which all shows are hosted and produced by Gordon Ramsay, it can be hard to keep his shows straight. American Horror Kitchen is totally made up, but kind of sounds real. Hotel Hell is not a Rob Zombie movie, but an actual Ramsay show. And MasterChef Junior is a real show, too. It's just like MasterChef, but with juniors, er, kids manning the kitchen.

MasterChef Junior Junior is not a real show starring toddler chefs but also feels like it could totally be real, especially when you watch this parody sketch starring Ramsay himself.

Ramsay stopped by The Late Late Show With James Corden for the parody. Corden, introduced as a "celebrity food enthusiast," and Ramsay served as the faux show's judges. To the kids who could understand, Ramsay was pretty kind, but he really had it out for the 11-month-old in the ExerSaucer. Sheesh. 

Watch above as kids serve Play-Do doughnuts and breakfast sandwiches filled with matchbox cars. Don't be surprised if you see this show on Fox next year. Even though it's a parody, you'd totally watch Ramsay berate toddlers for half an hour.

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