Gordon Ramsay Has a Very Sweary Opinion About Pineapple on Pizza

Gordon Ramsay Pineapple Pizza
Screengrab The Nightly Show
Screengrab The Nightly Show

There are a few pressing questions for which citizens of the world desperately need a definitive answer. Is a hot dog a sandwich? Is soup a meal? Does pineapple belong on pizza? Thankfully, opinionated swear box Gordon Ramsay has weighed in while hosting the U.K.'s The Nightly Show

The prickly celebrity chef was ordering pizza for the in-studio audience and had a visceral reaction when an audience member suggested throwing pineapple on the pizza. In fact, it caused him to react a few times. 

Naturally, Ramsay delivered his opinion with all the tact of a hyena watching you eat half a raw steak before leaving the rest to rot on the table. However, it wasn't a hot take. His opinion aligns with the most vocal members of the pineapple pizza debate.

Maybe now the issue can finally be put to bed. The President of Iceland has weighed in, a restaurant in Arizona has refused to serve it, and opponents of tropical fruits on pizza can at least agree that pineapple on pizza is far less disgusting than dipping pizza in milk. It's probably time everyone sits down and agrees to get along over a platter of hot dog sandwiches.

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