Gordon Ramsay's Secret for Cooking the Perfect Steak

If you don't know how to cook the perfect steak, learn from an experienced chef -- like Gordon Ramsay. Except for that part where he insults people and makes them cry. Don't do that stuff!

As for the steak, though, a video posted to Ramsay's YouTube channel reveals a steak-cooking secret to a group of aspiring young butchers. Basically, Ramsay uses different points of his face to establish how a rare, medium, and well-done steak should feel. For example, a rare steak will feel like your cheek, medium like your chin, and well-done like your forehead. But it all makes more sense when you watch the video.

The tip comes at the end of the three-minute clip after some talk about how important butchers are and how proper butchery is a dying art. The video also includes a nice "typical Ramsay" insult. He asks one of the aspiring butchers if his girlfriend is still with him and if she can still chew after setting eyes on this guy's version of a well-done steak. Burn. 

Watch the video above, and then make sure you cook that steak correctly, or else you're in danger of losing your girl to a master chef. At least, that's what Gordon Ramsay says.

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Kara King is a News Writer at Thrillist and can't cook a steak. Send news tips to and follow her at @karatillie.