Gordon Ramsay Has Taken His Insults to TikTok, Criticizing Amateur Internet Chefs

Would you expect anything less?


Gordon Ramsay has garnered something of a reputation for his rather harsh critiques. Who could forget the infamous "idiot sandwich" remark? But while the celeb chef may not be melting down on our television screens amidst the pandemic, he’s taken that patented rage to social media. 

Ramsay is now giving his reactions to amateur internet chefs on TikTok, proving no corner of the web is safe from his trademarked insults.  In a series of side-by-side videos, the Hell’s Kitchen host gives his own live narration of their cooking attempts and he’s by no means… subtle. 

“That looks like my granddad's colostomy bag. Oh my god, what the ... Fake Wagyu? Oh, get a grip,” he says in response to a user’s “turn cheap steak into Wagyu” video. 

His commentary continues in a number of videos and includes a lot of "no, no, no" and "c'mon." And while, sure, his approach isn't the softest, at least the criticism's constructive? 

"What are you doing? Oh my lord, really? No! No microwave!" he says in response to another user's sweet potato mash recipe. "You don't know how crap you are!" 

Could he have gone a little easier on the poor lad? Absolutely. But, hey, at least we won't end up looking like idiot sandwiches microwaving our potatoes. 

Though Ramsay's encouraging TikTok-ers to keep the cooking experiments coming, don't hold your breath for anything short of that MasterChef caliber crazy. "You thought I stopped burning dishes but I just changed the game," he wrote on Instagram.

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.