Gordon Ramsay Agrees to Eat ‘F**king God-Awful’ Pineapple Pizza for Charity

Gordon Ramsay is a man unafraid to broadcast his opinions, to put it mildly. Whether it's his legendarily brutal, expletive-laden critiques of other peoples' cooking, or his distaste for airplane food and the unicorn food trend, he's built a career out of being an asshole who loudly hates a lot of things. However, despite his prickly persona, he's evidently a sucker for a good cause, because he just agreed to eat something he openly detests -- pineapple pizza -- in a Facebook Live video for charity.

If enough people donate, that is.

In an Instagram posted on Wednesday, the celebrity chef proposed a challenge to fans: he'll eat some "f**king god-awful pineapple pizza" live on Facebook if his charity receives 500 donations within the subsequent 48 hours. He didn't stipulate any dollar amount goal, just 500 individual donations to the Gordon and Tara Ramsay Foundation by Friday, July 7, at 11:59pm.

Those donations could payoff twofold, because the foundation, which helps support the Great Ormand Street children's hospital in London, is also currently offering a chance to win a trip to LA to meet Gordon and attend a taping of his new show The F Word when you contribute $10 or more. 

Maybe for his next do-gooder stunt, he'll put on a brave face and stomach some good ol' fashioned grits.

h/tFood & Wine

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Joe McGauley is a senior writer for Thrillist. Follow him @jwmcgauley.