James Corden Tried to Prank Gordon Ramsay Into Screaming and Swearing

Chef Gordon Ramsay has been a frequent guest on The Late Late Show with James Corden. He's stopped in to berate toddlers and taste bull penis. Half the fun of seeing him on the show is his famously sweary, aggressive personality

Ramsay was on The Late Late Show again this week, but Corden previewed the Hell's Kitchen host's appearance with a sketch that attempted to imagine what it'd be like if Ramsay achieved a zen state of being. Ramsay played a mostly mellow version of himself that couldn't be riled up by raw chicken and was even willing to try Corden's toothpaste and oranges snack. Corden also gifted Ramsay a Jamie Oliver cookbook.

Despite all the food sins and annoyances presented by Corden -- Ramsay has frequently made a spectacle when finding raw chicken next to other foods at restaurants -- it's double-dipping that turns him back into the potty-mouthed television host you love or love to hate. Ramsay apparently wouldn't have gotten along well with George Costanza.

Honestly, while it's just a sketch, it's still unsettling to see Ramsay rake a zen garden and talk with a mellow tone. Corden sums up many viewers feelings on the chef at the end when he says, "He's horrible. It's fantastic."

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