Grape-Nuts Shortage Rocks Grape-Nuts Community

More like Grape-Nots, amIright?

A box of Grape-Nuts, two full bowls, and other breakfast foods on a set table.

This news may have escaped everyone but hikers and stock photography models posing as hikers, but the Grape-Nuts are gone. There is, you see, a shortage of the wake-up rocks, according to USA Today

Though boxes seem to have disappeared months ago, according to the hotel paper of record, this story really got going, as all modern tales do, on the internet. Users of Reddit, a website popular among the nouveau Wall Street set, started discussing the shortage a few weeks ago. They seem to have turned it into a whole darn thing, as Redditors are wont to do lately, and now the company has to stop whatever its doing and assure the crunch-crazy public that Grape-Nuts aren’t going anywhere.

“First and foremost, we want to make sure that Grape-Nuts fans know that we have absolutely no plans to discontinue Grape-Nuts cereal,” Grape-Nuts brand manager Kristin DeRock said in a statement. “People may continue to see shortages and temporary out-of-stocks on Grape-Nuts as we continue to work through supply constraints and higher cereal demand amid the pandemic. Grape-Nuts is made using a proprietary technology and a production process that isn’t easily replicated, which has made it more difficult to shift production to meet demand during this time.” 

DeRock went on to say normal levels of Grape-Nuts should reappear this spring. But if you truly cannot wait to feed the classic wheat and barley cereal to your friendly neighborhood doves like one person quoted* by USA Today, you might be able to score some via a third-party seller, according to the paper. Just be prepared to pay a pretty high price. 

*Here is the quote, but don’t worry, the lady eventually found more Grape-Nuts for the doves: “The doves do eat birdseed so it's okay with them but they really like these Grape-Nuts a lot and if I don't give it to them they actually sit outside my patio and look at me really sad.”

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