North Carolina Dog Gives Birth to Bright Green Puppy Named Hulk

Some people are just born different. Like geniuses, and people who spoon cottage cheese. And it can be hard to be part of a family of Regulars when a part of you is as strange and blindingly obvious as a full head of neon-colored hair. Just ask puppy Hulk, who, unlike his seven siblings, was born with lime green fur. 

A few days ago, in Canton, North Carolina, a German Shepard named Gypsy gave birth to Hulk in Canton, North Carolina, according to USA Today. He was the fourth pup to pop out. Owner Shana Stamey said she "started freaking out" when she saw the contrast between Hulk and his siblings.

Junaluska Animal Hospital veterinarian technician Suzanne Cianciulli told 13WLOS NEWS that there can be meconium in the sack the prenatal pup is held in. Meconium is basically the baby's poop. I'm not sure if it's better to be born different or to be born stained by your own shit, but the shit wears off, at least. 

“Mom licks it away until I bathe it and then, I guess after a couple of weeks, it will finally like fade out,” Stamey told WLOS. She said he's currently yellow, so people are calling him Pikachu, with no concern for the potential identity crisis this might bring on. 

"Actually, I am amazed at how many are wanting to own Hulk," Stamey told Citizen Times. "I really never intended to have such a following on him. Just thought he was special and unique."

Those interested in Hulk should be aware that he has, according to a quote from Citizen times, an "aggressive appetite." He also, obviously, smash. 

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.