Grimaldi's Pizza Has Been Closed By the Health Department

The famous Grimaldi's pizza location in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Dumbo has been closed by the Department of Health. It has reportedly been shuttered due to evidence of mice, failure to conduct proper rodent proofing, and improperly maintained plumbing systems.

However, the restaurant's management is defending itself. Gina Peluso, daughter of owner Frank Ciolli, told the New York Post there were only two violations, which included mouse droppings in the basement and failure to install a door sweep. "This is bulla," she told the Post. "It hurts us monetarily. Our workers missed a payday — and never mind the number of tourists coming to the door who aren't able to get pizza."

Peluso added that the restaurant is currently closed because of a permit issue with the owner of 1 Front St, the building Grimaldi's subleases.

The DOH  refutes those claims. Spokesperson Carolina Rodriguez told Eater the restaurant has problems with vermin. She says the DOH requires two exterminations and a manager or owner to retake a food protection certification class.

“The Health Department closed Grimaldi’s at time of inspection because of violations that could not be corrected immediately," Rodriguez told the Post. "We are working with the restaurant to get these violations corrected and get it reopened."

On Wednesday, the restaurant had a hand-written sign in the front window reading, "Closed for vacation." That sign can be seen in an Instagram post (above) from Saturday, January 13. 

h/t Eater / New York Post

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