A Groomer Dyed a Dog to Look Like the Grinch & the Internet Has Thoughts

People have a lot to say about the festive makeover on Twitter.

Screenshot courtesy of This Morning Youtube

A San Diego dog groomer is under a bit of scrutiny after going viral for dyeing one of his canine clients green and red to look like the Grinch.

Gabriel Feitos, who is an internationally awarded dog stylist, according to his Instagram account, owns and operates a pet boutique in San Diego, California. The Brazilian-born stylist has a large following on both Instagram and TikTok thanks to his shocking puppy dye jobs. Feitos has turned clients' pooches into mermaids, red pandas, and giraffes, to name a few. And although all of those looks have been showstoppers within their own right, a Grinchy makeover is what caused the most stir on the internet, garnering mixed reviews.

British show hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield welcomed the groomer and one of his Grinch-dyed clients on the This Morning show to talk more about Feitos’s process and motivation behind the look. In a clip posted to the This Morning Twitter account, Feitos explains that the products are perfectly safe for the dogs, saying, "Everything is vegan, non-toxic, and developed for animals. That’s what people don’t understand. Cosmetics in the beauty industry are very advanced." The groomer also shared that he once ate some of the dye to show that it is safe for animals.

However, despite assuring audiences, many viewers still questioned the ethics of dyeing pets and the safety around doing so. Some viewers event went as far as to call it animal cruelty. One Twitter user added, "Why does everything have to be a fashion accessory! Instead of wasting money, why not donate it to an animal shelter, or better still, adopt another pet and give it a loving home without the paint job."

Host Holly Willoughby also expressed some concern, saying, "It does take a long time to get the dog to look like that so when some dogs come to your salon they can be in there for three or maybe more hours. Is that ok for a dog?" To which Feitos responded that a regular groom can take up just as much time, even without coloring.

According to Feitos, the dye is almost like a deep conditioner that sits on the dog’s coat while groomers do all the other doggy maintenance required for a regular groom.

Feitos also shared that he was surprised at how much attention the festive Grinch makeover received. "The Grinch look, a lot of people were very happy with it and wanted me to make their dog a Grinch," he said, adding some people were even ready to cross the country to come to his salon.

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