Bold Groundhog Munches on Pizza and Stares Down Big Dogs

We understand its love for pizza, but question its technique.

Recently our hearts have been warmed by videos of people creating meaningful moments in these times of social distancing, showing off newborn babies to their grandparents through a window, singing happy birthday from a loved one's lawn, and so on.

But this recent video of a groundhog eating pizza outside of Philadelphia resident Kristin Chalela Bagnell's glass door while staring down two massive dogs is changing the mood of these little visits from sentimental to... sort of unhinged? 

On April 14, Bagnel posted a video to Facebook showing her two dogs crowding around a glass door, observing a groundhog who was vehemently munching on pizza--might I add that it munched with a technique that would break any pizza-eating prescriptivist, seeming to have noshed first on the cheese in the middle of the slice before making its bucked teeth to a corner. The pizza rat would never. 

“It’s not just the people that like Philly pizza,” Bagnell captioned the video. She told CNN this went on for about an hour... Probably because it takes that long to get a Philly slice down, ayooo. Coming at you from New York City, baby. 

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.