Grubhub Is Offering Free Lunch to Everyone in New York City

Grubhub is going to try to give everyone in New York City a lunch that's free less taxes and tip.

grubhub free lunch nyc
Photo by Daxiao Productions/Shutterstock
Photo by Daxiao Productions/Shutterstock

It won't break the adage that there's no such thing as a free lunch, but Grubhub is trying to get pretty close.

On May 17, Grubhub is offering free lunch to everyone in New York City and the surrounding areas. Though, the extent of "surrounding areas" isn't entirely clear. A representative tells Thrillist that it includes "the surrounding New York and New Jersey areas, including most counties in New Jersey, Long Island and parts of Pennsylvania." On May 17, the food delivery service will give you $15 to order a lunch for yourself.

The food delivery service even made a calendar reminder you can drop in Outlook or Google Calendar. Simply use the promo code "FREELUNCH" between 11 am and 2 pm on May 17, and you're taking a steep discount on your midday meal. The code will get you a free lunch unless your order is over $15, in which case you get $15 off your meal.

Though, there are asterisks involved here. You have to order through Grubhub, and the discount only comes on the subtotal. You still have to pay taxes, fees, and tip. (Tip your delivery person!) Moreover, it cannot be used on any catering order or any order that contains alcohol. So, if you're ordering with other people, as inconvenient as it might be, you'll want to order separately. You could each drop the code in and place an order. If you’re all on the same order, you'll only get a single $15 discount.

Grubhub also says that there are a limited number of redemptions available. Though, a representative tells Thrillist that Grubhub has "accounted for enough orders for all of NYC based on historical ordering data and projections." Still, you'll probably want to get on it early. This will undoubtedly be a popular promotion.

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