Get a Free Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Every Friday This Summer

Lunch is served every Friday.

popeyes chicken sandwich deal
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There's always a lot going on in the summer. Having some routines can help you sleepwalk through the boring stuff so you've got the energy to focus on getting to the cabin or the beach.

To that end, maybe you want to standardize your Friday lunch plans. Grubhub just announced a deal that can land you a free Chicken Sandwich every Friday in July and August. Spend $20 at Popeyes through Grubhub, and you'll get to add one of those beloved Chicken Sandwiches to that order. You'll also get free delivery. It's all happening!

This is the same deal that Grubhub trotted out last summer. It says that during the run of last year's promotion, it gave out enough free sandwiches to feed everyone in Portage City, Michigan. (That's a stat that sounds impressive but only means something concrete to a small number of people familiar with the population of mid-sized Midwestern cities. The internet, which is never wrong, says Portage City has just under 50,000 sandwiches, er, people.)

It sounds appealing, but you should note that the free sandwich cannot be that new Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich. But maybe ordering one of those is part of what helps you get to the $20 minimum. Whatever. Your giant bag of chicken. Your decision.

With all the weekly discounts from ubiquitous chains, you can put your favorite deal of the day on your calendar through the end of August. Grab discounted donuts on Wednesdays, BOGO wings on Thursdays, and, now, a Chicken Sandwich on Fridays.

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