Grumpy Senior Citizens Think Kids Over 12 Shouldn't Trick or Treat

Published On 10/30/2015 Published On 10/30/2015

Happy Halloween! OR IS IT!? A recent press release from AARP suggests that's always not the case for old folks. The coalition of senior citizens released the results of a survey given to members above the age of 50 about everything vaguely Halloween-related. Among talk about ghosts and ghouls, senior citizens were asked about the appropriate age for kids to stop trick or treating. "When it comes to trick or treating, those surveyed say the age of 12 is the best time to give up the candy bag." 12. 12?!

Jesus, I stopped trick or treating when I was 20, and only because my parents told me the tears of the neighborhood kids were flowing like wine out a bucket of stomped grapes. On top of this ludicrously young age gate, the older folks polled openly admitted to spending only $20 total on Halloween candy. Uh, so how many bags of hard candy and carrot sticks does $20 buy?

The study goes on to talk about the fears (or lack there of) of senior citizens, citing that only 63% of people from the age of 50 to 64 don’t believe in ghosts, while a shocking 81% of those 65-plus don’t believe in ghosts at all. 

Super weird that the age group closest to being ghosts don't believe in them. Coincidence, or a clever ruse to keep the perpetually haunted from suspecting the source of hauntings? Grumpy old folks. 

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Jeremy Glass is a writer for Thrillist and is going Trick or Treating this Halloween. He's gonna be a mouse.



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