Guinness Is Releasing Its First-Ever Cookbook with Over 70 Recipes to Pair with Beer

The beloved beer brand's first official cookbook drops in the US on October 26.

Courtesy of Guinness

Guinness has spent the past 260 years churning out pints, including that classic dark draught we all know and love, but the beloved beer brand's stouts and blondes aren't just for drinking. In fact, the brewery's Dublin-based storehouse has a reputation for its beer-filled, comfort food-heavy menu. Now, you can whip up the recipes from home.

Guinness is releasing its first-ever official cookbook with over 70 recipes created to cook and pair with your favorite pints. 

"Unique in its velvety finish and bold, rich flavor perfectly balanced between bitter and sweet, Guinness Draught Stout and the brewery's other beers have long been used by home cooks as either the secret ingredient or the perfectly paired beverage to a variety of dishes and drinks," Guinness wrote in an official statement. "Now, this reputation for excellence in cooking is going from under the radar to official with The Official Guinness Cookbook." 

Dublin Guinness Storehouse Soda Bread | Courtesy of Guinness
Draught Onion Soup with Irish Cheddar Toast | Courtesy of Guinness

The comprehensive cookbook, written by food and drink author Caroline Hennessy, features savory braised short ribs, traditional Guinness soda bread, and indulgent cheesecake brownies, among other recipes. And while some of the recipes were designed specifically to pair with the brewer's stouts, ales, and lagers, you'll also find dishes straight out of the Dublin Guinness Storehouse and Open Gate Brewery in Baltimore. 

Really want to fall down the Guinness rabbit hole? The book includes more than just those 70 recipes. You'll also score a virtual visit experience with photos, facts, and stories from the famed Dublin brewery and Open Gate Brewery.

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.