Human Whack-a-Mole Sets World Record for Smashing Walnuts With His Head

In Malcolm Gladwell's The Tipping Point, the author asserts that anyone looking to achieve mastery of a certain field needs to spend 10,000 plying their trade. Gladwell's mantra doesn't apply to his own tweets, but it does lend credence to those who've dedicated their lives to smashing walnuts with their own foreheads. 

It's questionable whether S. Navin Kumar has read Gladwell's book, but it's clear that he's pioneered a sort of human whack-a-mole, wherein his forehead is sledgehammer and walnuts are the idle fodder of destruction. Kumar recently joined the ranks of a great many heroes who've earned Guinness World Records for their questionably sane feats, such as dunking a cookie into tea via bungie jump, or growing their finger nails to the length of an Ottoman carpet, or most t-shirts put on in one minute. 

Kumar entered the elite cadre of world record-holders by smashing 217 walnuts with his parietal bone in one minute. He grunts a whole lot in the process, because it's presumably very, very hard to accomplish such a task. He leaves a table full of walnut debris in his wake, like the wreckage from a Christmas party full of psychopaths. 

This, like many other things endorsed by Guinness, should stand as a testament to human willpower and what otherwise meaningless feats you can accomplish by simply putting in the work. Now get off the couch, and make something of yourself. 

h/tThe AV Club

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