Gummy Lunchables Are a Real Thing You Can Buy Right Now

Kraft Heinz and Frankford Candy have teamed up to launch a sweet take on a childhood classic.

Nothing says fine dining quite like a Lunchable and now, you can elevate your portable meal even further by eating it in gummy form. That's right. If you've ever bitten into a delightful little pepperoni, cheese and cracker combo and thought to yourself “This is great, but I wish it was gelatinous and fruit-flavored,” then you’re in luck.

Kraft Heinz and Frankford Candy have teamed up to launch sweet, gummy versions of two classic Lunchable packs.

The first pack of Gummy Lunchables imitates the brand's classic Cracker Stackers box. This version includes eight gummy crackers and two slices each of gummy pepperoni, ham, Swiss and cheddar cheese.

The second offering imitates the brand's classic Pepperoni Pizza Kit. This version includes three gummy pizza crusts, 12 gummy mozzarella cheese shreds, 15 gummy pepperoni slices and one liquid pizza sauce packet.

This isn't the first time Kraft Heinz and Frankford Candy have joined forces to launch a sweet take on a nostalgic favorite. Kraft Mac and Cheese and Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs have also received the gummy treatment thanks to the creative corporate partnership.

The deceptive savory-looking treats are available to purchase at Five Below stores across the U.S. as well as online at Amazon and the Frankford Candy website. You can grab either snack pack for the price of $5.

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