This Moron Jumped into a Tub of Hot Sauce and Got What He Deserved

Seldom does the thumbnail on a YouTube clip tell you enough that you just have to find out what else happens in that video. This thumbnail is the rare exception.

Recently uploaded to the YouTube channel CemreCandar, the clip titled, "Bathing in 1250 Bottles of Hot Sauce," allegedly explores what happens when a human empties the contents of 1,250 bottle of hot sauce into a bathtub and submerges himself in it. And because the burning is in the details, the host/Guinea pig, Cemre Candar, tosses in fresh chilis -- and then his entire body.

"Oh my god, it's in my butt," he says after about 10 seconds of lying in the tub. "Oh, it hurts."

The remaining 3 minutes of video goes like this: he drinks some of the sauce and eats a pepper; full submerges his head; convulses in a coughing fit; turns the bathroom into a scene out of Psycho; showers quicker than an intentionally smelly offensive lineman; reports back hours later, body fully red; he survives.

This clip is one of several posted to the same channel, featuring such hits as "Filling Bath with 520 lbs Chocolate" and "Eating a Testicle Challenge." It is Internet stunt at its dumbest, and you get to waste 4 minutes at work because of it.

Enjoy. Sadist.

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Ryan Craggs is Thrillist's Senior News Editor. He thoroughly enjoys hot sauce, but would need to be paid quite a bit to do something this stupid. Follow him @ryanrcraggs.