This Dude Put Up His Own Portrait at a McDonald's And Nobody Noticed For 51 days

Be the change you'd like to see at your local McDonald's, or so the saying goes. A college student in Texas who lives by these words can now call himself an unofficial poster boy for his local Parkland, Texas establishment. 

Jevh M. is a senior at the University of Houston, according to his Twitter bio, but he's also a master at conducting pointed pranks that subtly critique mass media. Jevh noticed that his local McDonald's was full of posters showing smiling customers, but none of them portrayed any asian people. It was at this point that the young man took action: He ordered a photo of himself and a friend, blew it up to the size of a Renaissance painting, and stuck it on the wall among the other happy stock photos. 

And there it's remained for over 50 days. 

Jevh went rogue to carry out the somewhat clandestine task, purchasing an old McDonald's uniform and making a fake name tag with a fake title: Regional Interior Coordinator. He then directed his friends to place the portrait on a blank wall, as a "Regional Interior Coordinator" might. 

It isn't shocking that Jevh's faux-McDonald's portrait has remained untouched for over a month: it's strikingly similar to your standard McDonald's imagery from a design perspective. Jevh has returned to the scene and enjoyed a meal beneath his own smiling countenance, basically baiting an authority figure to notice him. To this day, no one has, which begs whether or not Jevh and his friends will stay there indefinitely. 

Let's hope they do. 

h/tThe Takeout

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