Gymnastics Team's Mannequin Challenge Is Absolutely Absurd

gymnast mannequin challenge
Instagram | Screengrab @tamugymnastics

The mannequin challenge continues to sweep across the internet faster than Usain Bolt with his eyes on a box of chicken nuggets. It's been in NFL locker rooms and talk shows, and we've even seen the likes of Guy Fieri and preschoolers try their hand at the craze. 

And while those preschoolers were probably the funniest thing that can happen during a mannequin challenge, there might not be one more impressive than this. The Texas A&M Gymnastics team took on the mannequin challenge and used it as an opportunity to show off their ridiculous strength and balance. 

The guy! The guy with the toes!

The team shared the challenge on Instagram last week and it's just started to sweep across the internet. It doesn't take much to appreciate just how hard it must have been to hold those poses. Lebron James couldn't even hold perfectly still when he was doing nothing but standing next to Michelle Obama in the White House. 

Watch the video above and retire any hopes you had of putting together the version of the challenge everyone would be in awe over. This is the one that deserves slack jaws.

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