Candy Is 13% More Expensive Ahead of Halloween 2022

It's the most significant single-year jump in price ever to occur.

I'm sick of inflation. Everything—food, rent, clothes, plane tickets, gas—is more expensive. I am absolutely done with it. I am running out of money faster than usual. Now, to find out that the increase in goods has hit Halloween candy, I'll admit I've also lost my patience. The latest report from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics really has produced the scariest content of Spooky Season.

The bureau reports that the cost of candy has risen 13.1% since last year. According to NPR, it is the most significant single-year price jump ever. The last time the cost of candy jumped by 13% was between 1997 and 2006. That's the entire childhood of a Gen Zer. Not only has the price seen a dramatic increase in the last year, but it also made a dramatic price increase from just August to September. From month to month, the cost of candy increased by 2%.

It was once startling to me that Americans were expected to spend $3.1 billion on Halloween candy this year. But now, I think the National Retail Federation produced too low of a sum. With a 13% price increase, are we sure $3.1 billion will cover the costs of all 50 states?

Maybe this year, instead of handing out Reese's Cups and Twix bars, you can give each little Trick-or-Treater the gift of financial advice. With that state of the economy, it will serve the tiny ghosts and goblins better in the long run.

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