Here's Where You Can Get Halloween Tattoos This Year

Many tattoo shops have special events and flash sheets on Halloween.

halloween tattoos 2021

Halloween is a big day for tattoos. At some shops, it's as big of a deal as Friday the 13th

On Friday the 13th, parlors across the US allow you to pick a design from a flash sheet and get a tattoo for $13 and a lucky $7 tip. (Sometimes it's more, sometimes it's just a special event.) Lots of shops host similar events on Halloween, even if most events aren't about getting a low-cost tattoo. (Don't forget that it's a tattoo and getting it as cheap as possible probably shouldn't be the goal.) Nonetheless, Halloween is a fun time to grab a gruesome tattoo from a flash sheet and enjoy an event thrown by your favorite shop.

Here are some tattoo parlors across the United States that are participating in Halloween specials so you can get yourself a little something special on the best holiday of the year.

Halloween Tattoos in Austin

Black Dagger Tattoo
The shop is doing Tattoo Plinko. You spend $160 and you get to drop a coin in its Plinko board. Depending on where you land, you'll get to choose from six different Halloween-themed designs. This is only happening on October 30, though, from noon to 8 pm. Tattoos are on arms and legs only.

Halloween Tattoos in Chicago

Mind Crusher Tattoo
Every day until Halloween you can pick a design from the flash sheet to get a $31 tattoo with a minimum $9 tip.

Halloween Tattoos in Dallas

Elm Street Tattoo
The shop is offering "get what you get" tattoos from a machine throughout the month of October. You're running out of time to jump on it. 

Halloween Tattoos in Denver

Kitchens' Ink Tattoo
For $100, you can use the "Get What You Get" gumball machine. Inside are flash designs. You'll get a tattoo of the design the machine spits out. If you want an additional spin to change designs, it'll cost $20.

Halloween Tattoos in Indianapolis

Ceremony Tattoo
On October 30, Ceremony will have flash sheets with designs that start at $50. The shop requests that all patrons wear masks. That event page also says that you can get "goodies" if you dress up.

best halloween tattoos 2021
A couple of flash designs from Mr. Inkwell's for 2021. | Courtesy of Mr. Inkwell's

Halloween Tattoos in Los Angeles

Mr. Inkwell's
The shop has Halloween flash sheets available through Halloween and all tattoos in October come with a free tarot card reading. On Halloween, they'll be open from 10 am to 5 pm with flash sheets that start at $99. There will also be giveaways on tattoo clothing and aftercare all day. 

Halloween Tattoos in Nashville

Grace and Glory Tattoo
The shop has a "Get What You Get" machine that will be available through Halloween. The tattoos will run you $100. 

Halloween Tattoos in New York

Live By the Sword
The shop is preparing to open a new storefront. At the Williamsburg location, you can pick from a flash sheet of original designs with prices from $50 to $200 for arms and legs. On October 31, Live By the Sword will open a new location in SoHo, and they'll have the same deal available. You can walk in, but you might have better luck if you book an appointment in advance.

Halloween Tattoos in Seattle

Super Genius Tattoo
From October 29-31, Super Genius is offering flash tattoos starting at $50 on arms and legs. They're only accepting cash, and you have to wear a mask. 

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