Halo Top Ice Cream Is Making a Big Change to Its Recipe

Halo Top has announced that it is making a change to its recipe to make the ice cream creamier.

halo top new recipe
Photo courtesy of Halo Top
Photo courtesy of Halo Top

Halo Top is one of those freezer-aisle ice cream pints with a surprisingly dedicated following. Now, in addition to the launch of a new flavor, Halo Top has announced a significant change.

The ice cream purveyor that touts itself with that nebulous, almost meaningless “better-for-you” slogan has changed its recipe. The goal is to offer unchanged flavors with a creamier texture in each pint.

That recipe includes “ultrafiltered” skim milk aimed at an increase in creaminess without sacrificing its niche of promising fewer calories and less sugar than you expect with most ice cream brands. The Dairy Light Ice Cream recipe change will be found across all of Halo Top's Dairy Ice Cream flavors. 

The new recipe is being launched simultaneously with a new Chocolate Cake Batter flavor. Cake batter has been trendy lately, with Whole Foods also launching a new cake batter-themed flavor based on fan voting. The Halo Top version is a chocolate cake batter with sprinkles, a turn on its already-popular Birthday Cake flavor.

The new recipe will be slowly working its way onto shelves this spring. A representative tells Thrillist that all flavors will be the new recipe by the end of June. Right in time for the year's hottest months.

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