Retro-Loving Hamster Runs Real Life 'Super Mario Bros.' Level

Every now and then, everything feels right in the world. It feels like there's some force working hard to pull everything great about the world together into unexpectedly wonderful combinations. Take, for instance, a running course for a hamster that looks like the first level of the original Super Mario Bros.

A YouTube user in Japan built this wonderful course, plopped her hamster Hamumario down, and then set the entire thing to the classic Mario soundtrack. That includes the proper sound cues for when Hamumario descends the warp pipe and when it completes the level.

Some footage appeared online back in July of the course being built — and maybe a little destroyed by Hamumario. But the real gold is the finished product. The creator teases that there may be more to come soon, saying she hopes to proceed to the next level. Hopefully, it involves a collaboration between Hamumario and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who made a grand entrance from a green warp pipe at the Rio Olympics closing ceremony last week.

Watch the video above and then someone needs to take it upon themselves to build a bigger version of this for their cat. Please.

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