This Giant Hand Sculpture With a Menacing Face Is Freaking People Out

I ask the good people of cyberspace, why do we Art? What compelled Pollock to splatter, Warhol to pop, Frida to selfie? All of the greatest artists in history would probably tell you that inspiration comes from some power outside of the self; ideas travel down to the brain, through the arms, and out of the hand in movements of divine passion. And it can happen, albeit rarely, that the thing coming out of the hand is... another hand. In the case of a recent sculpture installation in Wellington, New Zealand, this hand stands about 15ft tall on a roof with a menacing facial expression.

The sculpture was airlifted onto the roof of City Gallery Wellington on Sunday, making for a hallucinatory Monday morning commute. You can observe for yourself but, to me, the facial expression has a “five miles over the speed limit is still over the limit” vibe. It makes sense that many innocent Kiwis were confused and afraid:

As is often the case with things like giant menacing hands, a bell curve of reactions were on Twitter display, with our outliers on the far ends behaving in a slightly cult-like manner: 

Regardless, the Art is here to stay for now, and Twitter haters would be best advised to avoid biting the hand that feeds the artistic spirit. 

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Ruby Anderson would like to put a ring on it.