It's Time to Get Your Hard Seltzer Advent Calendars

Give Them Beer
Give Them Beer
Give Them Beer

If Jesus bought hard seltzer for parties, which would he choose? Perhaps White Claw, to appeal to the majority, or the 14% ABV Four Loko hard seltzer, to spice up suppers with the disciples. There's something to love in every seltzer version, and I'm sure that SOG would find a reason to love all of his neighbor's beverages. 

People who celebrate Christmas appreciate Jesus for being a democratic and open-minded guy, so now a craft beer gift-basket company called Give Them Beer is selling a seltzer advent calendar to celebrate the man's birthday. 

If you're well-versed in advent calendars, you know there are typically 24 slots. Unfortunately there aren't enough hard seltzer brands out there yet to fill two dozen spaces (well, at least not yet), so you'll start counting down 12 days before instead. Here are the brands you're looking at: Truly, White Claw, Cape & Line, Crook & Marker, Bon & Viv, Henry’s, Mighty Swell, Wild Basin, Golden Road, Smirnoff, Corona Refresca, and Rita’s Sangria Spritz.

The calendars are priced at $59 right now, but hop on it, because Give Them Beer will start charging an extra $10 after October 1. There are also a couple rules: 1) you have to be over 21 to purchase and receive the delivery and 2) Due to state alcohol rules, you can't get deliveries sent to Alaska, Alabama, Hawaii, Kentucky, Mississippi, Oklahoma, or Utah.

As for flavors... it depends on the market. Anyone who was on Twitter or on the streets hearing the cries of thirsty millennials, knows there was a shortage of White Claw this year. If you look at the second photo on the product page, you can get a pretty good sense of what you'll get, but the flavors aren't set in stone because they don't know what will be available yet.

But we should be happy to compromise during the holiday season. When there's no room at the ruby grapefruit inn, we make room in the natural lime stable, etc. 

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.