Hardee's Has a BOGO Deal for Its New Fried Cheese-Topped Burger Today

hardee's fried cheese big angus thickburger thick burger new promotion bogo free buy one get cheesy pull
Edited - Courtesy of Hardee's
Edited - Courtesy of Hardee's

Love can sometimes be cheesy. There are pick-up lines that make you wince, over-the-top boxes of chocolates and bouquets that try way too hard, and heart-shaped pizzas that have been done a million times. But, hey, being cheesy isn't always bad. If you're the type to prefer a cheesy Valentine's Day, then Hardee's has a deal for you on Friday.

The fast food chain is offering a buy-one-get-one (BOGO) deal on its new Big Fried Cheese Angus Thickburger and Big Fried Cheese Frisco Breakfast Sandwich. It's, understandably, quite cheesy.

To unlock this deal, simply say the secret code -- "Say Cheese" -- at participating Hardee's restaurants. The BFC Frisco Breakfast Sandwich can be purchased during regular breakfast hours, whereas the BFC Thickburger is available during lunch and dinner hours. Both sandwiches feature a fried slab of melty, gooey cheese. Cheese pull pictures are essential.

This deal is only available on February 14, Valentine's Day, so feel free to share the cheesiness with someone you love. Or get two sandwiches for yourself. We won't judge. 

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