These Jobs Are the Hardest for Employers to Fill in 2018

hardest jobs to fill

While jobs like traveling Europe for the summer or being an assistant on a private island sound alluring, they're unique gigs. You're competing with lots of people for just one job. At the other end of the spectrum, there are many careers where employers are having a tough time filling positions. A study from CareerCast digs into jobs where the demand from employers is expected to outpace supply in 2018. 

CareerCast pulled together the below numbers from Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts, trade and professional association data, graduation rates, and the site's own database of job listings. There are varying reasons for these forecasts, including a lack of new graduates, too few skilled people in the field, and industry growth, which can be seen in the projected job growth numbers for some of the careers below.

Some of the numbers, according to the study, are driven by an aging baby boomer population. Jobs impacted by that include home health aides to care for an aging population and financial advisors, who help people work through retirement plans.

Here are the top 10 positions employers may struggle filling this year, per CareerCast's study. 

1. Application Software Developer
Median Salary: $100,800
Projected Growth: 31%

2. Construction Laborer
Median Salary: $33,430
Projected Growth: 12%

3. Financial Advisor
Median Salary: $90,530
Projected Growth: 15%

4. Home Health Aide
Median Salary: $22,600
Projected Growth: 47%

5. Information Security Analyst
Median Salary: $92,600
Projected Growth 28%

6. Medical Services Manager
Median Salary: $96,540
Projected Growth: 20%

7. Nurse Practitioner
Median Salary: $107,460
Projected Growth: 31%

8. Personal Care Aide
Median Salary: $21,920
Projected Growth: 39%

9. Physical Therapist
Median Salary: $84,020
Projected Growth: 34%

10. Truck Driver
Median Salary: $41,340
Projected Growth: 6%

Before you jump into a new career, it's wise to see if the national numbers reflect reality in your area. These projections can be impacted by a number of factors like location or legislation that wasn't in place when the projections were made.

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