Here Are the Most (and Least) Hardworking States in the U.S.


Maybe the best part of these United States is how unique each state is: The variety of food, beauty, and overall quality is staggering, and each part of the country has a culture of its own that deserves to be shouted out. Today, it's time for us to celebrate the states that are most and the least hardworking because there's equal merit to both of these approaches. We salute both of them.

This much-needed ranking comes via a study released by WalletHub on Monday. It ranks all 50 states from most to least hardworking and even comes with a handy map, which shows each state's ranking (parsing a list is a lot of work, after all). And because we don't want to put too much stress on you, we've broken that list down into a top 10 and a bottom 10 and embedded the map below. But you can also check out the full report for more specifics and the entire list.

To use the map, just hover to see the ranking. The darker the state, the more hardworking. 

Here are the most hardworking states

10. Kansas
9. Virginia
8. Colorado
7. Texas
6. New Hampshire
5. Nebraska
4. South Dakota
3. Wyoming
2. North Dakota
1. Alaska

Here are the least hardworking states

10. Alabama
9. Pennsylvania
8. Kentucky
7. Nevada
6. Ohio
5. Oregon
4. New Mexico
3. West Virginia
2. Rhode Island
1. Michigan

To assemble this vital study, WalletHub compared all 50 states with two primary dimensions: Direct Work Factors and Indirect Work Factors. Those two were broken into 10 weighted metrics, which were graded on a 100-point scale. These were added up to overall scores, and those scores were used to rank these United States. If you're curious, Direct Work Factors included things like Average Workweek Hours and Average Workweek Hours, and Indirect Work Factors included things like Share of Workers with Multiple Jobs and Average Leisure Time Spent per Day.

Alaska took the top spot overall, coming in at first for Highest Average Workweek Hours and fifth for Lowest Average Leisure Time Spent per Day. Considering the snow fact, plus the amount of time in the office, on the whole, this sounds like a pretty stressful situation. But on the other hand, YOU'RE NUMBER ONE!!! On the more relaxed end of the spectrum is Michigan, which had the fifth-lowest workweek hours and the fifth-highest average leisure time spent per day. If you're in Alaska, it'd probably be good to feel smug about how much harder you work than the folks in Michigan, but picking between them, we'd probably go with the bottom of the list.

Wherever your state landed on this ranking, it might be worth checking out this list of cities with the most jobs paying over 100K right now. Working can be rewarding, but getting paid a whole bunch of money is better.

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