Your Life Is About to Get Magical, Harry Potter's Childhood Home Is For Sale

Harry Potter's House

If you've sat up late at night wishing you could have magical powers, today is the day you get one step closer to your dream. Harry Potter's childhood home, 4 Privet Drive, is for sale. 

Of course, Harry Potter doesn't exist and the address isn't actually 4 Privet Drive, but it is the where scenes from his childhood were shot in the films. And for just $619,425 (£475,000) you can live right where the Dursley family was constantly frustrated by the Boy Who Lived.

The house is actually located at 12 Picket Post Close in Martins Heron, Bracknell and it was only used during the first Harry Potter film. After that, there was a replica created on a set. But still...

Chancellors estate agency is selling the home, and their online listing fails to mention that the house was a part of the film and it also fails to mention the fantastic bonuses that come with the house. For instance, it's protected by magical enchantments and was once the nesting spot of a pretty with-it owl. That makes listed amenities like "convenient For Martins Heron Station" seem like a bore.

It also comes with odd stares the first time a friend comes over for dinner and the occasional stranger running up to your front door to take a selfie.

If that's too steep a price for you to enter a magical fantasy world, maybe you should just check out Universal's Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It's not cheap, but a weekend there will cost well under half a million dollars.

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