The Wizarding World Just Launched a New AR Sorting Ceremony & Official Potter Fan Club

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Like the actual universe, the universe of Harry Potter is constantly expanding. Seven books and eight movies might have been enough for some. However, for the insatiable, there has been a play, more movies, video games, mobile games, immersive theme parks, supplemental books, and tons more. 

There's no end in sight to the expansion, with the recent launch of an official Harry Potter fan club and app called Wizarding World, which takes the place of and expands upon the Pottermore site. Most importantly, the new app has a totally reconfigured Sorting Ceremony featuring original questions by author JK Rowling.

There have been bootleg quizzes for years that would help you discover your Hogwarts house, but Pottermore launched the official one in 2016. That's been revamped for the launch of the new app and site. You can get sorted into the house of your choice -- or the disappointing house you didn't choose -- in a new interactive ceremony. Not only does it use AR to place the talking hat on your head, but the questions are interactive, asking you to choose between multiple roads or to sort objects into what you'd first save from a fire. 

wizarding world app sorting ceremony
Via the Wizarding World app

Additionally, the app features quizzes, news, and a weekly fanzine that allows you to delve even deeper into the Wizarding World. The app is free, but the announcement says it will soon launch "Wizarding World Gold," a paid fan club that comes with some kind of annual gift.

For now, everything is free. All you have to do is sign up for your Wizarding World passport, which requires your date of birth, email, and name. Then you can commiserate with your friends about how you both wound up in Slytherin even though you'd been so sure you were a Gryffindor. 

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