Funeral Vibe Elevated After Cannabis Cake Accidentally Served to Mourners

When an edible hits, a sloppy guitar solo from a Grateful Dead cover band can start sounding like the second coming of Jerry Garcia. Or your PC screensaver -- of two colorful lines moving around each other -- might inspire you to write a cringe-y poem about the "tango of love." But what happens when an edible hits during a funeral, an edible that you never even meant to take in the first place? 

Turns out that attendees of a funeral in Germany can answer this question now, because that's exactly what happened to them after they left the burial sight for coffee and cake. Kaffee und kuchen is a popular afternoon ritual in Germany, one that often extends to funeral services. But it is not a popular afternoon ritual for family and friends of all ages to reflect on a loved one's life whilst psychologically ascending.

The funeral happened in August, in Rostock, a city on the north coast of Germany. According to The Guardian, Rostock police said that 13 people "experienced nausea and dizziness and needed medical treatment" after the cake was served. 

Upon further investigation, the police discovered that an employee of the cake and coffee restaurant asked her 18-year-old daughter to bake the cakes for the funeral. The daughter had apparently baked another cake, filled with hash, and placed it in the same fridge. So her mother grabbed the wrong cake and served it.

No report on whether or not the daughter took the regular cake and left her friends asking "do you feel anything?" for the entire night.  

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.