This Baggage Handler Brought Fierce Dance Moves to the Tarmac & Passengers Ate it Up

We've all interacted with someone who clearly hates their job, and makes a display of their displeasure (hi, DMV employees!).


We've all encountered someone who clearly hates their job and makes a performative display of their displeasure (hi, DMV employees!). But sometimes you're lucky enough to come across someone on the job who embodies the sort of pure unadulterated joy that can really turn your day around. An airline baggage handler recently proved he's in the latter category, when he performed a fierce dance routine on the tarmac as a plane was preparing to depart. 

Luu Vailuu, a 23-year-old ramp agent for Hawaiian Airlines, treated folks on an outgoing flight to quite a show on Friday, when he broke into an impressively choreographed dance on the tarmac while getting ready to direct the plane out of the gate. Passengers quickly took notice and a couple even managed to capture his next-level moves on video. His mini performance has since gone viral, and one clip posted to Twitter has since been viewed 500,000 times. Once you watch yourself you'll understand why.

In the video, you can overhear the woman gleefully cheering Vailuu on as he sashays his heart out in his official uniform, kneepads and all. In the background, there's a din of delighted reactions from others, too. 

Vailuu has made somewhat of a habit out of quite literally working the runway while doing his job, apparently. Back in March, another Hawaiian Airlines passenger caught him putting on a sassy show out the window as her plane was taxiing for arrival, and posted a video to Twitter. "This guy needs a raise ASAP. Best arrival ever," the caption read.

As for why he does it, Vailuu just loves to dance and frequently practices in a mirror at the gym, according to an interview he did with BuzzFeed News.

"I had just finished loading the plane and it was my last plane before I got off," he said. "I was like, I might as well!"

He explained that he also knows folks are recording when he's doing it.

"Every time I do something I always see a phone sticking out," he said.

Ultimately, Vailuu hopes to make it as a backup dancer one day, though he told BuzzFeed that he's also considering becoming a flight attendant.

May we all be lucky enough to get a chance to experience that in-flight experience someday. 

h/tBuzzFeed News

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