Learn to Make a Lei & Fry Ahi Tuna With Hawaiian Airlines' New Cultural Video Series

Bring a little Hawaiian energy to your quarantine.


Though we're all sitting tight while we do our part to flatten the curve, that doesn't mean we've gotta stunt our own cultural education as a direct result. Especially now that Hawaiian Airlines is aiming to keep us connected with the island state. 

The carrier is launching a brand-new video series, dubbed "Sharing Aloha," so we can visit Maui, Honolulu, and Kauai without actually leaving our couches -- or dropping a small fortune on the flights to get there. The project, which premiered April 17, will feature the best of Hawaiian cuisine, music, culture, and history. 

The first video showcases Koko Head Cafe chef Lee Ann Wong's recipe for banana cereal pancakes. The second of the series, led by Chef Wade Ueoka, includes the step-by-step for making popular island delicacy, shoyu chicken. Though there's plenty of food-oriented content to come -- butter mochi, fried ahi tuna, and Chef Trevor Luke's chili to name a few -- the schedule also boasts a lei-making tutorial, Hawaiian arts and craft session, hula classes, and more. 

Here's the full schedule: 

  • April 28: Chef Keoni Chang (Foodland) - Fried Ahi
  • April 30: Chef Trevor Luke (Zippy’s) – Chili
  • May 1: How to Make a Lei
  • May 8: Olelo Hawaii​ (Hawaiian language)
  • May 15: Arts and Crafts ​
  • May 22: Hula Class ​
  • May 29: Concert

You can check out Sharing Aloha here, and on the airline's official Facebook and Instagram pages. It may not be a total sub for your missed vacay, but it'll make you that much more prepare (and excited) to visit once we're cleared to travel. 

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.