Hundreds of Flights Canceled at Heathrow Airport Due to Strikes

Travel plans starting on March 31, 2023 are likely to be disrupted.

If you've got plans to fly in or out of Heathrow International Airport in London between March 31 and April 9, you may need to prepare for a backup plan. Airline workers plan to strike between March 31 and April 9, as part of an ongoing effort to secure better pay. As a result, British Airways has announced that it plans to cancel roughly 5% of its planned flights.

The Guardian reported that the striking workers are security personnel staffing Terminal 5 of Heathrow International Airport, which serves British Airways exclusively. For the most part, people on canceled flights will be rebooked or refunded, British Airways representatives stated.

"Following Heathrow's requirement for us to reduce the number of passengers traveling during the period of its employees' proposed strike action, we've regrettably had to make a small number of adjustments to our schedule," a British Airways spokesperson shared in a statement to the Guardian. "Our teams are continuing to work closely with Heathrow to ensure that our customers' journeys run smoothly."

Similarly, in Germany, all Lufthansa flights were grounded on March 27. Across the country, workers are striking to advocate for better wages and working conditions for federal and municipal employees, according to the Associated Press. Unlike the strike that will occur at Heathrow, the strikes in Germany happened at multiple major airports, bus stations, train stations, and other locations for the duration of March 27.

Both Frankfurt and Munich airports were also affected. Experts at CNN shared that about 380,000 people would be impacted by flight cancellations on Monday. While the strikes will essentially put the country at a standstill for 24 hours, most Germans are supportive of the workers and their demands.

These latest updates are part of an ongoing labor movement in Europe, including protests that have taken over Paris, France in recent weeks. While I may not be the savviest businessman out there, I do recommend that the executives responsible for making decisions take stock of the disruption and support from the public and give the workers the pay they are asking for, and deserve.

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