Heinz Teases Jarred Gravy-Cranberry 'Cravy' in Partnership with Ocean Spray

Well, maybe.

Courtesy of Heinz/Ocean Spray

We all know the best part of Thanksgiving is actually the next-day leftovers. There's something about piling the contents of your fridge—turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, you name it—into one monstrous sandwich. And soon, you'll have the ultimate sauce to top it. Well, hopefully.

Heinz and Ocean Spray have partnered up for a potential gravy-cranberry sauce hybrid, dubbed Cravy. And all you have to do to make my dreams come true is vote on the brand's Twitter poll. 

"After a wonderful think session with my friends at @oceansprayinc, we've decided to join forces for a flavorful concoction that might add a touch of magic to your meal," Heinz tweeted. "What do you say, dear friends?" 

There's one little catch: the condiment maker is requiring 250,000 "indeed" votes on its social media poll. And unfortunately, we're kind of losing this battle right now. 67.3% of fans are...not in favor of the Cravy. Luckily, we've got time to turn things around. According to a rep for the brand, America's got until Thursday, April 8, to make this Thanksgiving game-changer a reality. 

"When Heinz and Ocean Spray first started talking, we thought this could be an April Fool’s joke, but quickly realized these flavor combinations finally being bottled together is no joke and needs to happen," Heinz said in a statement to Thrillist. 

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.
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