Heinz Just Unleashed a Brand New Sweet and Spicy Sauce

heinz sriracha honey new condiment sauce
Courtesy of Heinz

Heinz has been really into the flavor mash-ups as of late. In 2018, the food and condiment giant released Mayochup into the world, something one of our writers called a "mass-produced masterpiece." On the heels of that we got Mayomust, Mayocue, and Kranch in 2019 -- basically mayonnaise hybrids that have somewhat unfortunate names. Now, to spice things up, Heinz is giving us HoneyRacha, a spicy and sweet blend of honey and sriracha.

heinz honey sriracha sauce honeyracha
Courtesy of Heinz

Every time I see one of these concoctions spring up, I do wonder why people don't just mix their own sauces based on preference. I personally prefer "Kranch" with more ranch than ketchup and am curious to see if Honeyracha will be balanced, or lean sweet or spicy. I guess in these cases you could always customize your Honeyracha with more honey or sriracha in an endless cycle of sauce perfecting.

Honeyracha will be hitting store shelves in the spring and while we're unsure of the retail price just yet, if it's following the steps of its sauce-hybrid predecessors, it should be roughly $3-$4.

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Kat Thompson is a staff writer at Thrillist. Follow her on Twitter @katthompsonn