Butterfingers Get Their Crunch from a Weird Ingredient

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When it comes to Butterfingers, there's a chance you fit into one of two candy camps: those with a Bart Simpson-level love for the classic candy bars, or those who will choose basically any other chocolate bar at the checkout counter instead. Either way, you've got to admit the signature crunchy orange interior is pretty perplexing, right? Well, thanks to a clip from Food Network's Unwrappedyou can finally see how Butterfingers are made, and one of the ingredients is actually pretty surprising.  

Like a lot of mass-produced candy, making the world's precious Butterfinger supply involves a sprawling assembly line of machinery, chocolate waterfalls, and a staggering amount of ingredients -- like peanuts. And while it probably takes you a minute or two to eat a Butterfinger, the entire process of producing them at Nestle's Franklin Park, IL, factory -- from mixing the ingredients to packaging the finished bars -- takes about an hour, according to the video. The plant puts out about 10 million Butterfinger bars a day.

But what the hell makes up the bright orange core of a Butterfinger? As the video explains, molasses, sugar, corn syrup, and water is cooked into a thick mixture that's spread to cool on conveyor belts, then it's combined with a separate mixture of creamy peanut butter and confectioners' corn flakes before it's sliced and coated with chocolate. That's right: part of the crunch comes from corn flakes. Bart Simpson probably could've told you that, though.

Of course, the strange ingredient is far from a secret and has been listed on the wrappers all this time, but the next time you, uh, lay a finger on a Butterfinger, you might just pause for a closer look at the inside.

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