Hershey’s Birthday Cake-Flavored Kisses Are Back on Store Shelves

They’re the candy on the icing on the cake.

Several varieties of Hershey's Kisses in various colors of foil wrappers.

Although actual birthday cake can be anything—chocolate, carrot, cheese, or a pie!—birthday cake flavor is recognizable whether it’s been added to ice cream, jelly beans, cookies, or Hershey’s Kisses. The latter were available for but the blink of an eye some years ago, and now they’re back for all your everyday celebrations, Delish reported. 

Unlike their classic counterpart, birthday cake Kisses contain no chocolate, but rather a “birthday cake flavored creme” and sprinkles, according to the outlet. Though they’d be fine on their own, their subtly colorful appearance also makes birthday cake Kisses suitable for decorating, a point made by Delish and further punctuated by a three-step birthday cupcake recipe printed on the back of the bag. To create the cute confections, simply “bake the delicious cupcakes,” “frost the cupcakes and add sprinkles,” and “press Kisses birthday cake candies into the frosting.” Easy!

It is unclear whether Hershey’s birthday cake Kisses’ return is, like a bittersweet birthday itself, only temporary. Thrillist has reached out to the company and we will update when we hear back.

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