Hershey's Is Making Its First Vegan Chocolate Bars

The sweets are made with oat milk.

If you haven't tried oat milk yet (maybe lattes or any of the other various ways to incorporate the plant-based alternative aren't your thing), this might finally be your opportunity to get in on the fun. Hershey's is releasing a new vegan chocolate bar made with the sweet stuff.

The bars come in two flavors, classic Dark Chocolate and Extra Creamy Almond & Sea Salt. Both bars are available in several stores, including Target, where you can order the bars online. The release is currently limited though next summer, though there's a possibility that the vegan bars will become part of the permanent Hershey's bar collection.

The release is part of Hershey's push to provide sweets with organic and healthier ingredients. In February 2021, the brand announced that it was expanding its healthier offerings with thinner Reese's, certified organic chocolate, and low-sugar sweets to represent "a variety of interests, from those seeking portion-control to plant-based ingredients."

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