This Mind-Boggling Domino Course Lasts 5 Goddamn Minutes

YouTuber Hevesh5 is a domino sorceress. She builds mazes intricate enough to induce a seizure, regularly using tens of thousands of pieces. Sometimes, the domino-labyrinths are beautiful, like this one, which she made last September.

In celebration of her achieving 1 million subscribers, Hevesh5 built one of the craziest domino courses known to mankind. It never ends. You can watch every tiny piece of plastic tumble over with spittle dangling from your lips, because it’s that freakin’ mesmerizing. She set her personal record with the stunt, using 30,000 dominoes -- not to mention a basketball and some plastic cups -- to send your head spinning.

The YouTuber claims more personal records in the video’s description. “I built this domino project entirely by myself. It took 15 days of work (80+ hours total) and fell with no breaks,” she writes. The feat also saw her build her tallest domino tower, and her largest domino field, which is oceanic in size, not to mention wacky as hell. 

You will probably never be as good at anything as Hevesh5 is at building domino courses. She is the Lebron James of domino artists. You, sadly, are probably not the Lebron James of anything. 

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