The First Trailer For 'Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie' Is Totally Epic

Living vicariously through Nickelodeon's iconic, football-headed tween boy was practically a religion for kids growing up in the '90s, but since Hey Arnold's demise in 2004, one burning question about the show has rung eternal: Will we ever know what happened to Arnold's parents? 

While the cliffhanger posed a burden for many fans as they entered adulthood, the 13-year-old question is finally nearing an answer in the first trailer for Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie. By the looks of the TV special's early glimpses, Arnold embarks on an epic mission to find his folks in the fictional jungles of San Lorenzo, after his school wins a field trip there. It just so happens that Arnold's parents mysteriously vanished there shortly after he was born. 

Arnold goes full Indiana Jones in the trailer, swinging from vines, and walking through eerie, torch-lit tombs like a much shorter version of Harrison Ford. It looks like quite the departure from the relatable, middle school squabbles at P.S. 118 that used to dominate the show, and it's obvious that Nickelodeon and the show's creator Craig Bartlett want to rope old fans back in with a fair bit of action.

There's familiar themes at play, too, as Helga Pataki still worships Arnold at her football-headed shrine, and super-best-friend Gerald is there for moral support and funky handshakes even when things get tough. There's clearly a lot to unpack here, and it's apparent we'll get more than we can handle when Nickelodeon releases the movie for Thanksgiving on November 24. 

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