You Can Be a Big Bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch This Halloween

There's also a pizza slice costume for couples who want to coordinate.

Courtesy of Hidden Valley Ranch
Courtesy of Hidden Valley Ranch

Halloween is just weeks away. Every spooky season, many of us ask ourselves one very fundamental and defining question: What will I be this year? Will it be a vampire or a Popeyes-inspired sexy chicken sandwich? Or will you choose to be the iconic, frosted-tip legend Guy Fieri or… a bottle of ranch? Yep, this year Hidden Valley Ranch is debuting a ranch costume.

The costume is a polyester, pull-over ranch bottle. And if you’re looking to do a matching costume concept with your significant other or the bestie, Hidden Valley also has a new pizza costume. Finally, it’s your turn to win best couples costume. Who doesn’t love pizza dipped in ranch?

Courtesy of Hidden Valley Ranch

If the couple's costume wasn’t enough, the company also created trick-or-treat style ranch packets. The Hidden Valley Ranch Halloween Treat Size Packets were made to make adding a splash of ranch to everything easier.

"Halloween is one of the top pizza delivery nights of the year, which means Halloween and pizza go together as well as Hidden Valley Ranch and pizza," Nadine Katkhouda, associate director at Hidden Valley Ranch, said in a press release.

Starting September 13, the costumes and ranch packets will be available on the Hidden Valley Ranch Shop website. The Hidden Valley Ranch costume is $40, and if you’re looking to add the pizza costume to your order, it will be an extra $35. If you are really excited to be that annoying neighbor who hands out anything beside candy, the Hidden Valley Ranch Halloween Treat Size Packets can be purchased for $20. I mean, I guess that’s a step up from trail mix.

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