Hidden Valley Ranch Has a New Line of Restaurant-Style Secret Sauces

Choose your fighter: original, smokehouse, or spicy.

Courtesy of Hidden Valley Ranch
Courtesy of Hidden Valley Ranch

I love french fries as much as the next person, but more than anything, I see them as a vehicle for dipping. And the sentiment has never been more real than right now, because Hidden Valley Ranch is releasing a new line of restaurant-style secret sauces. Which, if you know anything about anything, is really good news.

As if the whole ~secret sauce~ concept wasn't cool and elusive enough, there's the alluring fact that HVR is introducing three different types of it. The flavors include original, smokehouse, and spicy, so you've got options when the craving hits.  And while I'm not here to stunt your creativity in the least (put it on whatever your heart desires), in case you need a little inspiration the site showcases the secret sauces atop fries, burgers, even tacos.

The 12-ounce bottles, which feature easy-to-use drizzle caps, are available at Walmart for $3.48 each, though the online store lists them as out of stock. But I have to say, you'd be a fool to not buy straight off the Hidden Valley Ranch site anyways -- you can nab a 3-pack for $10.47.

Courtesy of Hidden Valley Ranch

But the real ranch fans do more than just sample new products. They wear their heart for HVR on their actual sleeve. The company continues to drop new merch so you can tout that passion with your style. The store includes ranch-inspired sweatshirts, backpacks, flasks, even bathing suits.  


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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.