High Speed Rail Will Connect the U.K. to Europe's Best Wine in 2026

The high speed train line would connect London and Bordeaux.

You'll soon be able to get from the UK to enjoy a glass of wine in France in just a few hours. High Speed One (HS1), the UK's only high speed rail, recently announced that they are planning infrastructure to connect London and Bordeaux. The proposed trip will connect the two destinations in less than five hours.

As reported by CNN, the new route would be one of several connecting the UK and other major cities in Europe. On HS1's website, the company states that they are working with SNCF Réseau, Eurotunnel, and LISEA to bring the first high-speed route to life. Once finished, the train will have the capacity to transport 200,000 passengers per year.

"We are keen to expand our network and grow through new international routes," Dyan Crowther, CEO of HS1, said to CNN. Other future routes will include Cologne, Frankfurt, Geneva, Marseille, and Toulouse. This is not only a great opportunity for UK residents to quickly and sustainably get to other parts of the continent, but it will also help visitors hoping to hit multiple countries in one visit.

The Bordeaux region of France is infamous for its wine, and is considered the wine capital of the world. In 2026, an enterprising traveler could enjoy a glass of wine in Bordeaux with lunch and make it to a West End show the same evening, without ever needing to step foot on a plane or travel from an airport. You'd be connected from city center to city center in just five hours and simultaneously reduce your carbon footprint.

Cheers to more high speed rail in our future.

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