Watch This Guy Make a 660-Foot Basketball Shot From the Top of a Waterfall

You've gotta do something with your time on this leafy rock of a planet, so you might as well get really good at throwing things into stuff. At the vanguard of this noble pursuit are the Australian YouTubers How Ridiculous, who have just broken the record for "greatest height from which a basketball is shot."

Earlier this month, Derek Herron set the record with a shot from 660 feet 10 inches, aka 201.422 meters. That's about two football fields if you're keeping track. It should also be mentioned that he did this while standing on Maletsunyane Falls in Lesotho, Africa.

This is actually the second time the gang has set this particular record. Back in September 2016, they made a shot from 593.74 feet. If this fact leaves you feeling down on your own basketball skills, know that the shoot lasted six days, so it's safe to assume this wasn't a hole-in-one, or whatever the term is for trick basketball shots.

h/t Sploid 

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