This Map Shows Exactly Where the Highest-Paid People in America Live

Guessing how much money your neighbors make is one of those age-old American traditions. Are they secret millionaires? Just getting by and swimming in debt? It's endlessly fun to speculate, but it's a whole lot tougher to get to the bottom of it. However, now there's a quick and easy way to figure out if they're among the highest paid people in the country, thanks to a nifty new interactive map that reveals which zip codes America's highest-earners call home.

Property Shark

The map was developed by the folks at real estate search company PropertyShark, who used household income census data from 2016 to flesh it out. They also threw together a list of the top 100 highest-earning zip codes in the country, and compared it to the median home price in the area to get a sense for whether or not the highest earners are actually living in the priciest places. It turns out, sometimes no! In fact, while the bulk of the most expensive zip codes are on the West Coast, the bulk of the highest-earning zip codes are on the East Coast. Also, only 27 of top most expensive zip codes also rank within the top 100 highest-earning ones.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, New York's Greenwich Village/Soho area boasts the highest earners in the country, followed by TriBeCa just a few blocks away. Taking the number three spot is Ross, California, situated just north of San Francisco. Here's how the top 25 shook out.

25. 06840 (New Canaan, Connecticut)
24. 07931 (Far Hills, New Jersey)
23. 06883 (Weston, Connecticut)
22. 10597 (Waccabuc, New York)
21. 22066 (Great Falls, Virginia)
20. 20015 (Washington, DC)
19. 77005 (Houston, Texas)
18. 10504 (Armonk, New York)
17. 60043 (Kenilworth, Illinois)
16. 92657 (Newport Coast, California)
15. 06820 (Darien, Connecticut) 
14. 22027 (Dunn Loring, Virginia)
13. 06878 (Riverside, Connecticut)
12. 94027 (Atherton, California)
11. 60603 (Chicago, Illinois)
10. 10514 (Chappaqua, New York)
9. 92145 (San Diego, California)
8. 07078 (Short Hills, New Jersey)
7. 94305 (Stanford, California)
6. 10006 (New York, New York -- Financial District)
5. 10282 (New York, New York -- TriBeCa)
4. 94028 (Portola Valley, California)
3. 94957 (Ross, California)
2. 10007 (New York, New York -- TriBeCa)
1. 10013 (New York, New York -- Greenwich Village/Soho

It's not shocking to see the country's finance and tech hubs (and their suburbs) topping the list, but what is worth noting is that among the top 100 highest earning zip codes, an impressive 15 different states are represented. You can see the full list of the top 100 right here.

And while there's no secret trick to find out what the folks next door are raking in per year, you can easily find out how you stack up against your neighbors at large by searching your zip code into the search box on map and peeping its median household income. 

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Joe McGauley is a senior writer for Thrillist. Follow him @jwmcgauley.