These Are the Highest-Paying Internships & Entry Level Jobs This Year

Most internships and first jobs in the "real world" are anything but glamorous or lucrative...


Most internships and first jobs in the "real world" are anything but glamorous or lucrative. For most of us, they come with menial tasks, long hours, and a paycheck that requires subsisting on instant ramen. However, certain gigs early in your career can be a major boon for not only a nascent resume, but also your bank account, according to a new ranking from Glassdoor of the highest paying internships and entry level jobs in 2019.

For folks out there looking to kickstart their careers with a good gig that also comes a great paycheck, a team of economic research analysts at job-search site Glassdoor crunched a trove of salary data to determine which companies are offering the best-paid internships in 2019, as well as the types of entry level jobs have the highest salaries right now. It's a particularly enlightening bit of data for recent grads, as well as anyone out there hoping to make a professional pivot into something that pays a bit (or a lot) better. 

This year, Facebook tops the list of companies with the highest paid internships, shelling out a cool $8,000 a month to each of theirs. Amazon, which came in second place, pays theirs $7,725 monthly, while number-three Salesforce interns get $7,667. Theoretically, if an intern at any of these top three spots were to stick around for a year, they'd be earning a salary of over $90,000.

As for the best-paying entry level jobs, Glassdoor's research determined that Data Scientists top the list, with a median base salary of $95,000. Software Engineers are close behind, with a base salary of $90,000, while Product Managers, which have a base salary of $89,000, come in at number three.

Here's the full ranking for both lists, including their median monthly or annual salaries.

25 Highest Paying US Internships in 2019

25. Boeing ($4,167 per month)
24. Dell ($4,333 per month)
23. Genentech ($4,500 per month)
22. KPMG ($4,500 per month)
21. PwC ($4,500 per month)
20. Cisco Systems ($4,667 per month)
19. Deloitte ($4,667 per month)
18. Tesla ($4,667 per month)
17. EY ($4,825 per month)
16. SAP ($4,833 per month)
15. Intel Corporation ($5,000 per month)
14. Visa, Inc. ($5,167 per month)
13. Viasat ($5,333 per month)
12. Goldman Sachs ($5,367 per month)
11. J.P. Morgan ($5,667 per month) 
10. Bank of America ($5,833 per month)
9. Apple ($6,667 per month) 
8. Capital One ($7,000 per month)
7. Bloomberg L.P. ($7,000 per month)
6. Uber ($7,167 per month)
5. Microsoft ($7,250 per month)
4. Google ($7,500 per month)
3. Salesforce ($7,667 per month)
2. Amazon ($7,725 per month)
1. Facebook ($8,000 per month)

25 Highest Paying Entry Level Jobs 2019

25. Business Analyst ($63,000)
24. Project Engineer ($63,000)
23. Field Engineer ($63,750)
22. Physical Therapist ($63,918)
21. Quality Engineer ($64,750)
20. Programmer Analyst ($65,000)
19. Test Engineer ($65,000)
18. Applications Developer ($65,000)
17. Design Engineer ($65,000)
16. Mechanical Engineer ($65,000)
15. Electrical Engineer ($66,000
14. Actuarial Analyst ($66,250)
13. Product Engineer ($66,750)
12. Front End Developer ($67,500
11. Process Engineer ($68,258)
10. Software Developer ($68,600)
9. Systems Engineer ($70,000)
8. Java Developer ($72,000)
7. Implementation Consultant ($72,000)
6. UX Designer ($73,000)
5. Product Designer ($85,000)
4. Investment Banking Analyst ($85,000)
3. Product Manager ($89,000)
2. Software Engineer ($90,000)
1. Data Scientist ($95,000)

As you'll notice, it clearly pays to pursue a career in tech right now, considering roughly 75% of the jobs and internships listed here are either in a tech or tech-adjacent field, or at tech companies. 

Then again, if money is less of a priority than having a freaking blast, you have a few other options, too.

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