Here Are the 15 Highest and Lowest Paying Jobs in Tech

As uncles are telling their nieces and nephews all around the country right now, tech is where the money is. An arts degree may be fulfilling, but it's not going to fill up your bank account, and no one's going to judge you if you're the one buying rounds at the bar. So, unlike most advice your uncle gives, you might actually consider taking this seriously.

But not all tech jobs pay as well as others, so you should figure out what you're shooting for here. And lucky for you, HowMuch put together a handy new chart breaking down the 15 highest and the 15 lowest paying jobs in the tech industry. This way, you'll know what to fantasize about while you're daydreaming instead of taking those coding classes.

Courtesy of HowMuch

The data with this comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and includes both salary and hourly wages. Managers are higher up the salary chain, which makes sense, with Computer and Information Systems Managers taking home the highest average salaries of all, right around $72/hour. The lowest job on the chart, technical support representative, makes $16.70/hour, a full 75% less. That's still not bad money when you consider that federal minimum wage is $7.25/hour.

HowMuch also points out that all the jobs on here pay above average compared to the rest of the economy. With two members of the same household working as technical support representatives (again, the bottom slot) that household would still make $10,000 over the median household income in the US, $59,000 a year. So again, not bad advice from your overbearing uncle.

If you're not feeling tech (or you just want to prove him wrong), check out this list of employers paying over $100,000 a year.

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