American Kids Have Hilarious Reactions to Trying Vietnamese Food

There’s a reason young kids aren’t always introduced to world cuisines by their parents. Uncharted culinary waters will most likely leave your kid craving a Happy Meal, which is why this video of tikes eating Vietnamese food is so doggone cute. From HiHo Kids comes the latest installment in their “Kids Try” series, which sees traditional Vietnamese dishes like pho, banh xeo, ca kho to and soda sua hot ga served to some cherub-faced youngsters. They’re more than game to expand their palates.

There’s a lot of slurping involved, and one kid has the guile to drench his pho in so much Sriracha that he needs immediate assistance. The kids don’t like fish sauce, mainly because one of the processes by which it’s made -- letting fish rot and then ferment until the sauce oozes out --  grosses them out. One girl also claims that her dad wouldn’t let her drink the soda sua hot ga (egg cream soda) because it’s too sugary. Oh, to be young and missing two front teeth again.

For a little bit more juvenile flavor, check out American kids trying Filipino food. You’ll find the same giddy reactions, just with different food.

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